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Daily iftars delivered to Techparks

Daily iftars delivered to Techparks

Assalaamu Alaikum
Empowering Ummah Inc has always endeavoured to provide socially beneficial services.

After the huge success of the donation app Share an iftar, we’ve now come up with a beneficial service to those fasting and working during iftar time.

Bookmyiftar.com is a unique endeavour which provides hygienic food items in a box to the work locations of the person ordering the iftar box.

Whats more unique is that you can order your iftar via our app or through our website as well.

Booking options:
1. Website – http://www.bookmyiftar.com
2. Android app – Launching very soon.

We are currently delivering to the following locations:

2. Embassy Golflinks
3. Manyata Techpark and
4. Bagmane Techpark ( C. V. Raman Nagar)

If you would like us to deliver bulk orders to your company/location, call +919986021214

Kindly share with all your contacts and help us reach maximum rozedars working during iftar time

Service available in Bangalore only.


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