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● Fasting ✓
● Duas at the time of Sehri, whilst fasting and especially at Iftaar  ✓
● Increase in Sunnah practices ✓
● Increase in Tilaawat of Quraan (At least one complete Qur’aan Khatam during the month) ✓
● Taraweeh Salaah  ✓
● Tahajjud Salaah ✓
● Being Generous ~ Feeding the Poor and Needy ✓
● Giving a fasting person something to make Iftaar ~ Even if it is one Kajoor (date) ✓
● Making I’tikaaf in the last 10 days of Ramadaan ✓
● Reciting the First Kalimah in Abundance ✓
● Seeking Sincere Forgiveness (Taubah) ✓
● Making Istighfaar excessively ✓
● Begging Allah Ta’ala for admission into Jannah ✓
● Seeking refuge from Jahannum ✓
● Searching for Laylatul Qadr in the Odd Nights of the Last 10 Nights ✓
● Abstaining from ALL SINS ✓


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