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Underground cable work Coimbatore :
Most of us must have noticed the underground cable work happening in many parts of city and also completed in few areas. From last two months the contractors are working in RG Street..
What the do :
Dig the rod bring the cable to the door step then a private guy would come upto you and say that the owner has to bear the expense of brining the cable till the box(approx 5-10ft) and will negotiate it around 2000 each meter approx. Imagine the amount of scam
What the contractors are actually suppose to do :
They have to bring the cable till the meter and not just the door step. The only expense we bear is for the pvc pipe, if we need it.
Had a chance to speak to the engineers at TBEB today, they said only if people complaint we can take action.. so please share and complaint if you come across similar situation.. These guys are very quick to take action and respond to all your queries regarding underground cables.. 
TBEB engineer – 9489928719


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