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*01st JULY 2017* 

1⃣Passengers will get refund amount of 50% on cancellation of tatkal tickets.
2⃣There has been slight change made by the Indian Railways for booking tatkal tickets. *From July 1, tatkal window for AC coach will be open between 10 am to 11 am and for sleeper coach the timing will be from 11 am to 12 pm.*
3⃣From *July 1* the *Waiting list* system will come to an end and tickets will be issued only for confirmed and *RAC* passengers accommodation. The provisions for the waiting list will be ended.
3⃣By next month the number of coaches in *Rajdhani* and *Shatabdi* will be increased.
4⃣From July 1, *Rajdhani* and *Shatabdi* will move ahead with paper less tickets. Only mobile tickets will be valid on these trains.
5⃣The Indian Railways officials website *IRCTC*, will also start booking tickets on various language.
6⃣Premium trains will come to an end from *July 1*.
7⃣The passengers can also get 50 percent return after cancelling *Suvidha* train tickets.
8⃣The passengers will also get *‘wake up call destination’* facility in the trains from *July 1*
Pls forward this msg to as many…..


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