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I am horrified and furious!

Trigger Warning: Content about Child Sexual Abuse

Dear abdul,

I am horrified and furious!

A 3-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in school by her nursery supervisor.

After his arrest, several parents were shocked to realise why their children used to cry when going to school. Their children had also been assaulted by the same person.

6 more cases of assault have been lodged against the accused. All his victims were young defenceless boys and girls.

abdul, we must make sure sexual offenders like him never repeat their horrific crimes.

Sign my petition and ask the Indian government to maintain a National Sex Offender Registry. This way offenders can be tracked for life and we can make sure that they are never allowed near children.

The Kerala Government has already announced a state level list of sexual offenders. Sign my petition and show the Central Government that lakhs of Indians want this at a national level. 

I will not rest until we have taken this step towards keeping our children safe.

Thank you for your support,

Madonna Rozario Jansen


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