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3nu. In. Whatsapp

“` Effect of Whatsapp on the English language
Peter & Laxmi  on Whatsapp :
Peter : Hi dear.
Laxmi : ✋
Peter : How are you .??
Laxmi : 😊👍
Peter : missing me..?
Laxmi : 😜😉
Peter : I’m not feeling well…
Laxmi : 😱
Peter : How was your day..???
Laxmi : 👌
Peter : are you busy.??
Laxmi : ✔
Peter : Why ?? What are you doing ??
Laxmi: 💄💅
Peter : is there anyone near you..??
Laxmi : ❌
Peter : why don’t you reply in words? Why are you using smiley faces?
Laxmi :- 😥😡
Peter : I heard you failed in English ??

Who telled you ? It is unpossible.. I went to saw the resalt yestathey… 

I Passed away
Peter : 

hmmm lets go back to smileys pls 


ok dear, 

God blast you.



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