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​When one wardah can blow off the entire networking system in less than 12 hours. With after effects like No power.. no mobile networking.. complete server breakdowns.. no banks.. no ATM’s.. no fuel stations..
What are you gonna do with Cash less economy system.. with all your virtual money turning out to be useless with one small natural disaster. How are you going to survive during these conditions if things don’t get rectified in the following days.. what if followed by one more cyclone.. 
Did u think what your state could be?? we will turn out to be virtually rich but physically poor in reality. Even to help out people..even for self survival.. money is needed in hand. 
Same time last year we were affected even badly. But together we got back in no time. With all the money in hand we were able to provide food to the needy..help & serve the people.. and restore our society and surrounding even before the banks and networking systems got restored. 
Have a balanced system. Don’t take us to a completely foolish system where nor do you understand or we understand. 
Virtual world can break down in various ways (hackers, natural calamities, networking breakdowns, limited knowledge) and the best part is you won’t have control over it even if u wish to.
Save the Indian economy and it’s people with humanity and sensible thinking. 
A request by sensible Indian


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