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A Demonetisation Death Story !

A Demonetisation Death Story !

Reporter: Sir, a 23 year old boy died as he was run over by a train while walking on the railway track with headphones.
Editor: OK, good, report it as a case of suicide due to lack of money after Demonetisation.

Reporter: But Sir, there was money in his valet. They found over 10,000 rupees.
Editor: OK, in that case report it as suicide due to his inability to get change to eat food.

Reporter: But Sir, he had many 50 and 100 rupee notes in his valet.
Editor: Hmmm, then report that he was in ATM queue for 6 hours without food and lost consciousness on railway track.

Reporter: But Sir, this happened early in the morning. There are no ATMs near railway track.
Editor: Then you can say, he was pushed on the railway track by people who didn’t have money after Demonetisation.

Reporter: No Sir, there was nobody anywhere near him when he died.
Editor: You’re too stubborn. Why don’t you report it as suicide because he lost all his savings due to Demonetisation ?

Reporter: But Sir, he is a 23 year old student. He’s still in college doing his Masters.
Editor: Oh, in that case we can report it as a case of inability to pay fees due to Demonetisation.

Reporter: How’s that possible Sir ? He had enough money with him…
Editor (Cutting him off): That you can say, was needed for his hostel and daily food.

Reporter: But Sir, he stays at home with family and his house is located close to the place where the accident occurred.
Editor: I don’t know. Do what you want, but you MUST report it as a Demonetisation Death.

Reporter: Sir, isn’t that wrong and unethical ? There is absolutely no connection to his death and Demonetisation.
Editor: My media is sustained by this reporting. You must connect it. Else I won’t have money to pay your salary.

The Reporter reported:

23 year old youth run over by a train while watching Modi’s Demonetisation speech on his mobile !



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