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Biking tips

​BIKERS are known for their patience. True. 
Lets Be an Example and set an Example to All…
Safe riding techniques to be kept in mind for all bikers
1. Before throttling your machine get synchronised with the road first – FOCUS ON ROAD with NO DISTRACTION

2. Don’t feed your over confidence- BE A NEW RIDER ALWAYS

3. Respect the road and bike

4. Road is meant for riding, Don’t encourage Racing- NO OVER SPEED

5. Know the condition of your bike – BRAKES

6. Its always worth to spend money on getting good protective gears.

7. Be physically fit, Exercises for neck and lower back pays off very much in long riding

8. Know the mentality of the drivers(Truck, Car etc.,)  going ahead before over taking
1. On High speed keep vision on the long distance

2. Get expertise on speed control

3. Don’t get too close with your fellow rider-MAINTAIN SAFE DISTANCE

4. Overtake with proper signal ( Horn, Distance, Light dipper) even with your rider group

5. Be alert on road merging and divertions

6. If the road is under construction- Be alert always
1.Be gentle on curves

2. Don’t ride down hill in free clutch-Be in control with gear engaged

3. Maintain Safe distance- Drive Staggered , Don’t follow the tail

4. Have a clear view of road ahead always

5. Be alert  on small stones lying on roads- They easily make ur loaded machine fall easily

6. Love your front and rear brake equally- Apply Brakes front and back simultaneously on sudden speed control

1. Never Ever leave your co-rider back

2. A small talk before starting the ride matters a lot

3. Allow the slow riders to lead and experienced rider to sweep in the last

4. Keep the new riders in middle- ( They feel secured and confident, Else when left at behind they over speed to catch up)

5. Follow signals among the group ( Hand signals indicating breakers, Potholes)

6. Encourage the team always, Extend ur hand whenever support required
1. Focussing plays a major role

2. Clean your helmet visor frequently with water and tissue- To Avoid Reflection

3. Take Enough Breaks- Hot Tea, Hot Coffee

4. Don’t Ride at all if u more are sleepy

5. Some times you can try singing songs loudly with little body movement- Experimented and found successful 

6. Frequent night riders keep a night vision glass always
1. Be serious about cattles on roads- Some major accidents were due to cattle’s 

2. Reduce the speed on spotting a cattle at a longer distance itself

3. Overtake cattle from their tail end

4. Don’t try crossing them without reducing your speed, Cattles actions are unpredicted


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