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People recently blaming the KTM machines because of accidents. Already so many KTM bike accidents are reported and so obviously the crowd points their finger to this machines. But, is it really true? Is the KTM machine responsible for all the accidents? Well! The answer is NO!

The Austrian company KTM introduces some bikes recently and from the day one, it has been a huge success. They came with Duke 200, Duke 390. After that they introduced the faired edition of these two bikes with the name RC200 & RC390.
Most of the accident happend is with the 390s. Lets see why!!
These bikes which mentioned above is purely perfomance bikes. Unlike other bikes in this category, these bikes has a very good acceleration. The 43bhp 390 series had the most craziest acceleration. They can clock 100kmph within 6 seconds. No other bikes in this price range will perform like this.
Since this bikes are available in this price, people will definitely go after this rides.
If the people upgrade from 100cc commuter bikes to this kind of performance bike, accidents will not be a surprise. The 390s acceleration is similar to a 250bhp car. After 5000rpm the engine performs much well. The adrenaline rush obviously will be high and the rider will try to some crazy moves. This may leads to accidents. Even in big traffic, the rider carelessly rides this machines and make fun. If something goes wrong for a moment, you may have to pay your soul for that. It is not possible to break in a very short distance when you speeds at 120+ kmph. Sudden careless breaking will makes the bike out of control and you cant do anything at that point. So if you ride in high speeds, you have to be much more careful and concentrate. If you enjoy the speeding only, nothing can save you from what coming next.

Many of the people blame the braking system of KTM. But KTM comes with best quality breaks and it offers a very short stopping distance. The improper breaking by the rider is the reason behind accident. Even in non-abs bikes, you can control your bike if you brake your bike properly.

Another reason for the accidents is the cornering. If you corners your machine with very high speed, then how can you blamw KTM for that? You should slow down before curves, achieve proper speed for the curve and corner your ride gently. Gear down shifting while cornering will also makes the bike to loose the control because of engine breaking. So you have to down the gears before you perform in the curve.

The next thing you have to do is, dont start rush riding from the day you purchase the KTM machine. You should ride small distances several time in proper speed and be familiar with the machine. Because, the previous bike you may used have much more difference with the KTM bikes in terms of performance. So select the KTM ride only if you deserve.


And the last point is ‘Should Wear Helmet’. Some of the owners dead in accidents because of the head injury. KTM or any other brand is not at all responsible for this kinds of deaths. If you are a true rider, you should wear a good quality helmet. So wear the helmet instead of blaming the machine!

All the point mentioned above is from the reviews from several KTM owners they are still riding safe. ‘Automechtic’ post this article because recently, so many posts saw in social media that the ‘KTM is a Killer Machine’. You need to understand the truth that the Rider is the reason behind accidents, not the Ride!
Wear helmet and Ride safe!
Share it to your circle! Cheers!


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