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Kerela modify rules?

Kerala High Court bans bike modifications


The Kerala High Court has come down heavily on modified
motorcycles. From exhausts to handlebars; to lights and mudguards,
modifications of all kinds will come under the radar of the Kerala
police and the state’s RTO in the coming days. The court has
instructed the police and RTO officials to take action against
modified two wheelers that affect the safety and health of other road

The court issued this directive after hearing a petition filed by
Francis M.C., who had sought to quash the notice issued on him for
violating the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The notice
was issued as Francis’ Royal Enfield motorcycle features two popular
modifications, a straight handlebar and a louder exhaust.
Justice Chitambaresh had this to say, while hearing Francis’ petition,
Thunderous noise emanating from motorcycles deafens the
ears and also poses a serious health hazard, especially to the
ailing and aged commuters on the road. The sound level has
to be brought down to the decibel limits prescribed under the
Environment (Protection) Rules, 1986 in order to abate the
sound pollution.
A long list of modifications are likely to come under scrutiny, many
of them highly popular ones. Here’s a quick look at the modifications
that could face police and RTO action in the coming days.
1. Handlebar modifications
2. Exhaust modifications
3. Mudguard modifications
4. Headlamp modifications
5. Removal of grab rail/saree guard
6. Seat modifications
7. Any other modification that deviates from the RTO
approved vehicle specifications at the time of registration
If this judgment is currently applicable only to the state of Kerala, it
could be used as a precedence across the country, when judges hear
petitions regarding modified two wheelers. If implemented across
India, the judgment has the potential to severely curtail motorcycle
modifications, and hit the aftermarket parts industry quite hard. For
now, all you can do is wait, and watch.


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