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Jesus second coming is not Qur`anic view. Qur`ans view is that he will not be coming before Akhira. His coming again is like any other human beings including Prophets

By accepting Jesus` second coming, we have paved the way for a number of peoples second coming including the 7th and 12th Imams of Shi`a sect.


Islamic belief and the Shariah rests on the Qur`an, Hadeeth, Ijma (consensus of the opinion of jurists  of a particular age on a particular question of law) and Qiyas (analogy-deduced from original sources ). Imam Abu Haneefa  developed his analogy and called it Kitab al Ra`y( individual reasoning) which is followed by the majority of Muslims as Hanafi Madhab.The second coming of Easa is extensively reported in the Hadeeth and we have to accept them as authentic. There are many beliefs for which only the Hadeeth is the authority. There is no mention of the five prayers in the Qur`an but is based on the Hadeeth post Mi`raj. The Wudhu in Quran is limited to washing face, hands, legs and swiping the head but the codification as we have now is based on traditions.The Mahdi is not Easa and the Shias term the 12th Imam as Mahdi but they do not equate him with Easa. Later it lead to many others claiming to be Mahdi including the Qadiani.


I am fully convinced that as a Muslim I must base my faith only on Qur`an basically rather than secondary book or books.

This means that the Hadeeth is considered secondary and should not be considered as authentic which is contrary to the views held by an overwhelming majority of Muslims. The Hadeeth as compiled by the Sahabis are authentic and have to be read along with Qur`an to understand any explanation which is not available in Qur`an. The Hadeeth were compiled even during the Prophet(saw)s time.Abdullah  ibn Amr ibn al `As started recording the Prophets saying even from his earlier days and called it as Sahifa as Sadiqa.Hammam Ibn Munabbih a pupil of Abu Hurairah had compiled a Sahifa  in 101-102 AH. During the Khalifa Umar ibn Abdul Aziz`s reign 99-101A.H  he compiled the Hadeeths and sent to his Governors for adoption as the Qur`an was inadequate to explain the details. This was expanded in later years. Imam Bukhari and Muslim were contemporaries in the  third century and they culled out from over 3 lakh traditions only about 4000 with a continuous and reliable chain of narrators the rest being repetitions.Abu Dawood and others were from later period. The Shi`a  have a different set of six  compilations and they do not accept the Sahi Sitta of Sunnis. For them the riwayat should come from the Ahul Bait( Family of Prophet). Islamic  Jurists have classified the Hadeeths in different grades and the second coming of Jesus is classified under mutawaatir  Hadeeths. So to consider them as unauthentic and  “ not in tune with Qur`anic assertions and therfore it is evident that twisting of meaning of Quranic verses have been  done by vested interest” is to doubt  the basic belief of Islam. Of late there is section of Muslims either of their own or through some other coercion have started propagating that Hadeeth is not to be relied upon and only Qura`n is sufficient. These people even go to the extent of challenging the authenticity of Abu Hurairah`s riwayats. According to them the over 5300 Hadeeths in his name cannot be accepted as even the closest sahabis are not the source of such a predominant narrations. Once this argument is accepted then the Ijma and Qiyas as understood by Islam will fall and you can have any amount of interpretation and analogy based on your personal likes and dislikes. The explanations for the Qur`an have to found only through Hadeeth and not in any other way.If we apply the principle of reasoning as it  exists now and reason out  not only Islam but all


religions will fail the test of modernism. That is perhaps what the enemies of Islam want. In the guise of freedom of expression and scientific reasoning many of the concepts of the religion will fail.        Page 25

Sura 3;55 ( Inni mutawaffeeka wa rafiuka) I will take you and raise you – Here <mutawaffeeka> refers to sleep not death as Allah says elsewhere  “ It is He Who takes your souls by night (when you are asleep) <yatwaffaakum> Q 6:60; Arabs say <Tawaffa fulaan daynahu min fulaan > so and so took back his debt from so and so.

Page 27:

Muhammad(saw) cannot be the last Prophet and Jesus who would come for the second time  can only be last Prophet—

Islamic explanation for the second coming is that Jesus did not die and he will return just before Khiyamat. In that case only Muhammad can be the last Prophet.Since all Prophets preached only monotheism, which culminated in the advent of Muhammad (saw) as the final Prophet, Easa when he descends will be Muhammad`s predecessor but will preach only Islamic monotheism

Narrated Abu Hurairah: Allahas Messenger said  “By Him  in Whose Hand  my soul is, surely  Easa, the son of Maryam will shortly descend amongst you(Muslims), and will judge mankind justly by the law of the Qur`an( as a just ruler); Bukhari Vol 4: No 657

Narrated Abu Hurairah: Allah`s Messenger said: “ How will you be when the son of Maryam descends among you and he will judge people by the Law of the Qur`an and not by the law of Injeel.” Fath al Bari Vol 7 page 302; Bukhari Vol  4: No 658

The abolishing of Jizya will not be necessary when all the mankind embraces Islam before the Dooms day which precedes Resurrection.The early Christians in Easa`s time , like the Jews were not eating pork. It was only during Paul`s time pork was permitted and a true Christian  of the earlier period will not object to kill the pigs which are in their custody.

Page 39

The contention that the Book should mean only Qur`an is to justify that Jesus has to come again in the earth to get taught the Book which is Qur`an which is future Book so far as Jesus is concerned at his time. This contention is untenable.

The point is whether we accept the second coming of Easa. When  one accepts the supreme power of Allah, nothing is impossible. When a miracle in the form of an adult Easa descends then where is the necesscity for him to learn Qur`an from locals to take the message  to his followers. The very moment  he preaches Islamic monotheism then Trinity which developed in later years will be abolished.               Page- 56 -57

Now if we were to accept the understanding that Jesus was physically “raised” to Allah then this would mean that Allah is sitting some place in heaven and one has to travel up to Him.Such idea about God is  un Qur`anic and an invention of of Jewish and Christian theology where they have a concept of “Holy Father in Heaven”

“ They are under the influence of the idea that God is stationed  some place in Heaven a concept which Qur`an most certainly negates”

All religions consider that God is “ up above the world so high” Even in Qur`an many Ayaats testify to it.

Glorified ( and exalted) be He (Allah)Who took His slave ( Muhammad) for a journey by night from Masjid al Haram to Masjid al Aqsa, the neighbourhood whereof We have blessed, in order that We might show him ( Muhammad) of our Ayat(proofs, evidences, signs etc) Sura Al Isra 17:1

Will you dispute with him( Muhammad) about what he saw ( during Mi`raj-Ascent of the Prophet to the seven heavens)


And indeed he ( Muhammad ) saw him( Jibril)  at a second descent.

Near the Sidrath-ul Muntaha( a lote tree of the utmost boundary over the seventh heaven beyond which none can pass)

Near it is the paradise of Abode. Sura An-Najm 53:12-15

Indeed he ( Muhammad) did see of the Greatest Signs of his Lord. Q -53:18

He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days and then rose over (Istawa) the throne( in a manner that suits His majesty) Al- Hadid 57:4

(Remember) when Al-Hawariyyun (the desciples) said: “ O, Easa, son of Maryam! Can your Lord send down to us a table spread (with food) from heaven?”.— Sura Al – Ma`idah 4:112

Easa  son of Maryam said : “O Allah, our Lord! Send us from the heaven a table spread (with food)  that there may be for us- for the first and the last of us- ……… Sura Al Ma`idah  4:114

There many other ayats which refer to Allah being in the heaven above.

His attributes of hearing, seeing , face , hands etc cannot be taken to idolise Him.

Page 62

Jesus is definitely the sign of the Hour or a specific sign in the Hour but certainly he is not the sign for coming of the Hour.

The Resurrection follows the Dooms day when all will perish.

“And the Trumpet will be blown, and all who are in the heavens and all who are on the earth will swoon away, except him whom Allah wills,Then it will be blown a second time , and behold they will be standing, looking on(waiting)” Sura Az-Zumar 39:68

Narrated Abu Hurairah:The Prophet said, “ I will be the first to raise my head after the second blowing of the Trumpet and will see Musa(Moses) holding or clinging to the throne; and I will not know whether he had been in that state all the time or after the blowing of the Trumpet.” Bukhari Vol 6: No 337

Narrated Abu Hurairah: The Prophet said, “ Between the two blowings of the Trumpet there will be forty,  “The people said, “OAbu Hurairah!Forty days?” I refused to reply.They said, “Forty years?” I refused to reply. They said, “Forty months?” I refused to reply and added : “Every thing of a human body will waste away, perish or decay except the last coccyx bone(of the tail) and from that bone Allah will reconstruct the whole body.” Bukhari Vol. 6 No.338.

Allah says: “When the Trumpet is blown, there will be no kinship among them that Day, nor will

ask of one another”. Sura Al Mu`minun 23:101.

Allah says: “Then when the Trumpet will be blown with one blowing( the first one)

And the earth and the mountains shall be removed from their places, and crushed with a single crushing.

Then on that Day shall the (Great)  Event befall.

And the angels will be on its sides, and eight angelswill, that Day, bear the Throne of your Lord above them.” Sura Al- Haqqah 69:13-17.

Imam Ghazzali in his  “ Ihya Ulum- id-Din” mentions the sequence of events.Vol 4: Pages 514-515

The Prophet said: “How can I enjoy happiness when the angel of Trumpet is awaiting and hearing attentively turning his forehead to one side when there will be order for blowing the Trumpet and when he will blow the Trumpet?” The angel Israfil is keeping his mouth attached to the Trumpet like a trumpet in war. — He is awaiting order fixing his gaze towards the Throne. Immediatelyafter receiving order, he will blow the Trumpet for the first time.As a result of this, all in the heaven and earthwill expire except Jibril, Mikail,Israfil and Izrael. Then Allah will order to take the life of Jibril and then that of Mikail and then that of Israfil.Then the angel of death(Izrael) will take out his life himself.After the first blowing , all the created beings will remain in Barzak for 40 years. Then Allah will restore life


to Israfil and order him to blow the Trumpet again. (Sura Az Zumar 39:68)

It is the period before the first Trumpet that Easa is to return and preach Islam. If as mentioned  he will come only on the day of Resurrection then by that time all living things would have perished and who will believe or not believe in him?People who are already dead and awaiting judgment cannot believe in Easa `s teching of Islam and Allah will not accept their repentence after death and resurrection.When Fir Aun  — “till when drowning overtook him said: “I believe that none has the right to be worshipped but He(Allah)”in Whom the children of Israel believe, and I am one of the Muslims( those who submit to Allah`s Will)

Now (you believe ) while you refused to believe before and you were one of the Mufsidun(evil doers, the corruptors) Sura Yunus 10: 90-91

As for Easa, the Christians of his time did not consider him as one of the Trinity.Earlier Christians were divided in to Unitarians, Nestorians and Nazrenes . Even today the Jehova witness do not consider Jesus was born on December 25. For them he was born in peak summer in a manger where a winter month would have been chilling and frozen to death. The Qur`an explains his birth as follows :

And the pains of child birth drove her to the trunk of a date-palm, she said: “would that I had died before this, and had been forgotten and out of sight!”

Then( the babe Easa or Jbril) cried unto her from below her, saying: “ Grieve not: your Lord has provided a water stream under you.”

And shake the trunk of the date-palm towards you, it will let fall fresh ripe-dates upon you.”              Sura Maryam 19:23-25

Those who have lived in Arab lands know that during the peak summer of August -September the ripe dates will fall of its own and a mere shake is sufficient .

It was during the reign of King Constantaine in 325AD the December 25 was fixed to coincide with the Roman sun god. Even after that Pope Honorius (625-638 A.D) a contemporary of Prophet(saw)- and his Byzantine Governor Heraclius to whom Prophet(saw) sent a letter  following which he questioned Abu Sufyan  in Jerusalem(Bukhari Vol-1:No 6; Vol-4: No.191)- issued a Papal order  confirming a type of Unitarianism (Monothelism) but the Ecumenical Council held in 680AD overturned his decision and Anathematised Pope Honorius for his views. It was perhaps the only occasion when the decision of a Pope was overturned and abrogated by his successors.

Thus even today a fringe group may be silently believing in the unity. When Easa descends these group will certainly follow his monotheism.

Page 68

Allah says that the one and only miracle attributed to Muhammad is the revelation of Al Qur`an . If Jesus will come again it will be a miracle from Allah. Jesus is no more.The second coming of Jesus on earth is a Myth.

It is contradictory. When you accept Allah  is capable of causing miracles then anything is possible. He only says  “ kun fayakun”( Be and it is) Q 3:59. Also Qur`an is not the only miracle. The Mi`raj, Hijrath from Makkah and his reaching Madinah, and many other incidents in his life are all miracles.If we accept that it is a Myth then we have limited Allah`s miracles to what has already happened and there will be no more miracles from Allah. Miracles from Allah Who is Eternal cannot dry up.

Page 69  -Most of the scholars shy away from taking a conclusive view about Jesus` second coming as they are scared of the punishment in the Hereafter if they might err.True they must understand the error.

Islamic scholars cannot overlook the Hadeeth, Ijma and Qiyas and develop a view to suit their personal likes.Allah conceals many things from His creation and the knowledge is only with Him.So they  want

to err on the safer side.< Athiullah wa Athiur Rasul >Obey Allah; Obey His Messenger.



Dr Muhammad al-`Areefi , Member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Media , Professor of `Aqeeda and Contemporary Religions and Madhhabs, King Sa`ood University, Riyadh has in his book

“ THE END OF THE WORLD- Signs of the Hour, Major and Minor” describes the various signs of the Hour. He classifies into(a)Signs that occur far earlier than the Hour. (b) Middle Signs:( Those who are neither earlier nor close to the Hour and (c) Major Signs. Under Minor Signs he mentions Signs which have already occurred;Signs which have not appeared yet. He mentions that the Hour will follow after the appearance of ten major signs which have not yet appeared.The ten signs in that order are

1.The Smoke 2.The Dajjal 3.The Beast 4. The rising of the sun from its place of setting 5.The Descent of Easa ibn Maryam 6. Ya`jooj and Ma`jooj. Three land slides in the East, West and Arabia followed by the final sign of “ a fire which will emerge from Yemen and drive the people to their place of gathering.” Some otherHadeeths mention the Mahdi, the destruction of the Ka`bah and disappearance of Qur`an from the earth. Some excerpts from the book:

We are not required to apply the Hadeeths about signs of the Hour to real life events.It is not essential that the signs of the Hour occur close to the beginning of time. But may occur a long time before the Hour.

Signs:Ashraat (sing.shart) refers to the signs and causes of the Hour. They are signs after which the Hour will begin. It is called the Hour (As-Saa`ah) because it will come suddenly upon the people; in a brief moment at the sound of a single shout or blowing ( of the Horn) they will all die( sayha waahida )

<Inni mutawaffeeka> here refers to sleep, not death as Allah says elsewhere “ It is He , Who takes your souls( yatawaffaakum) by night (when you are asleep) Sura Al- An`aam 6:60

The phrase <inni mutawaffeeka> means that  “I will take you up to Me”

The Arabs say <Tawaffa fulaan daynahu min fulaan>( so and so took back his debt from so and so) when he takes back what he loaned. There is no reason why it cannot refer to both sleep and being taken up by Allah.

< kabla mawthihi> “ before his death” means after the descent of Easa towards the end of time.

There will not remain any person from the People of the Book who will not believe in Easa because he will not accept anything except Islam and any disbeliever who smells his breath will die.

It is said that “ before his death” means before the death of the individual from the People of the Book. At the time of death of one of them it will become clearto him at that point that Easa is a slave of Allah and a human Messenger, not a god. So that a person from among the People of the Book will believe in that before he dies, although this belief will not benefit him , because repentance is not valid after the soul reaches the throat.

Question: What is the difference between the life of Easa and the lives of the Prophets? Are not the Prophets alive as the Prophet(saw) said, “The Prophets are alive in their graves?”

Answer: The life of Easa, who was taken up to heaven, consists of a real life, body and soul, while the Prophets, their life is the life of Al Barzakh, which is a special kind of life. Easa did not die, so we can not say that he is in al Barzakh or in the grave; rather he is with Allah, body and soul, in heaven.

Regarding the rest of Prophets, they went through the agonies of death and their souls left their bodies; theirs is a kind of life in the grave.

“ Illa li yu`minanna bihi” “ must believe in him; <qablamauthihi> “before his death”, most of the mufassireen said that that the pronouns in these phrases refer to Easa ibn Maryam.

<wa in min ahlil kitabi illa liyu `minanna bihi qablamauthihi> “ And there is none of the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) but must believe in him before his death”; “that is when Easa ibn Maryam comes down there will remain none from the people of the Book who will not believe in him”

An Nisa 4:159, ( Narrated by Al-Tabari in Al Tafseer, 9/ 380) ( Tafsir Ibn Kathir, 2/454 )


Mutawaatir evidence for the descent of Easa

There are Mutawaatir narrations from our Prophet(saw) concerning the descent of Easa. This was

mentioned by Imam Ahmad Hanbal( Tabaqaat Al- Hanabilah, 1/241-243) Abu`l Hasan  Al-Ash`ari(Maqaalaat Al- Islamiyyeen wa Ikhtilaaf Al- Musalleen, 1/345), Al-Tabari ( Tafseer Al- Tabari, 3/291) Ibn Kathir( Tafseer Ibn Kathir, 7/223) Al- Safaareeni (Lawaami `Al-Anwar Al- Bahiyyah, 1/94-95) and Al- Shawkaani in Al-Tawdeeh fi ma ja`a fi`l- Muntazar wa`l Dajjaal wa`l – Maseeh.

“ And Easa son of Maryamshall be a known sign for (the coming of ) the Hour.” Al- Zukhruf 43:61

meaning, he will be a signal of the approach of the Hour, because he will descend after the appearance of the Dajjaal; through his hands Allah will kill the Dajjaal: during his time Allah will send Ya`jooj and Ma`jooj, and through his supplication Allah will kill them.” ( Al-Bidaya wa`l – Nihaayah, 9/179 )

Question; When Easa descends, will he rule according to the Laws of Muha mmad (saw ) or will he bring a new law?

Answer: Imam Al-Safaareeni said concerning the descent of Easa at the end of time,

“ The Ummah has unanimously agreed that he will descend, and none of the Muslims disagree concerning it.Rather it was only denied by the philosophers and heretics, whose difference of opinion counts for nothing. The consensus of the Ummah is that Easa will descend and rule in accordance with the Law of Muhammad(saw) and he will not bring with him an independent law when he comes.” ( Lawaami` Al- Bahiyyah, 1/94-94 )

Siddeeq Hasan Khan said, “The Hadeeths about his descent are numerous. Al- Shawkaani quoted twenty nine Hadeeths-  Saheeh, Hasan and Dha`eef  but supported by corroborating reports – including what is mentioned in the Hadeeths about Dajjaal and Hadeeths about Mahdi. We may add to that the reports narrated from the companions, which are regarded as Marfoo’, because there is no room for a companion to speak of such matters on the basis of personal opinion. All the reports that we have quoted reach the level of  being Mutawaatir, as is obvious to any one who has the least bit of knowledge.”(See Al-Idhaa`ah lima kana wa ma yakoon bayna Yaday Al-Saa`ah by Siddeeq Khan,p160)

Shaykh Ahmad Shaakir said, “ The descent of Easa towards the end of time is something concerning which the Muslims do not differ, because of the authentic narrations from the Prophet(saw) regarding it. This is something that is well known and established in Islam; the one who denies it is not a believer.” (Tafseer Tabari, 6/460, comentary by Shaykh Ahmad Shaakir)

Shaykh Muhammad Naasir al- Deen Al- Albaani said, “ It should be noted that the Hadeeths concerning the Dajjaal and the descent of Easa are Mutawaatir and we are obliged to believe in them. We should not be deceived by those who claim that they are Ahad Hadeeths, for they are ignorant of this branch of knowledge. There is no one among them who has researched the issue, for if he had done so, he would have found them to be Mutawaatir, as testified by the leading scholars of this branch of knowledge, such as Al-Haafiz Ibn Hajar and others. It is unfortunate indeed that some who are not specilised in this field have dared to speak about it, especially when the matter has to do with religion and belief. ( Sharh Al – `Aqeedah Al- Tahhaawiyyah, commentary by Shaykh Al – Albaani, p. 565)

Question: “Is Easa regarded as belonging to the Ummah of Muhammad (saw) ?”

Answer: Easa is one of the Prophets and Messengers of strong will, and he has a high status before Allah. He also has a sort of companionship, as he met the Prophet (saw) during Mi`raaj and believed in him, and he will die believing in him.

( Easa has fore told the coming  of Muhammad( saw).  “And (remember) when Easa , son of Maryam, said : “ O Children of Israel!. I am the Messenger of Allah  unto you, confirming the Taurat (which came ) before me, and giving glad tidings of a Messenger to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad. But when he (Ahmad ie. Muhammad(saw) came to them with clear proofs, they said: “This is plain magic.” Sura As-Saff 61:6


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One thought on “SECOND COMING OF JESUS By B.F.H.R.Bijli

  1. Baba Bijli on said:

    Islam has to be Truth, Possible, Plausible and all the time Right. Islam is submission to Truth (Absulute Surrender to Allah). Allah is the Truth. On this basis Qur’an is revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Deen is not religion as we have understood. All religions compete with one another and with Islam. The question often discussed is which religion is better than the other and Muslims saying Islam is the best religion does not exist. Only when we take Islam as a religion similar to others, all confusion comes in. Islam is the basic structure of Creation by the Creator Allah. Eventually by Qur’an and thru’ Prophet Muhammad (Pubh) concept of Islams was accomplished.The Qur’an was revealed to suit “Man”. All the other creations are already in Fitra i.e. in Islam. Oft repeated statement that Allah can do anything is a wrong perception and misunderstanding. Allah has done everything and has put His creation to functioning per order and any deviation from His order is sheer and pure imagination. This we call “Miracle”. The very Creation is a Miracle and each and every item in the creation is also miracle and everything is in “order”. I request people to understand Islam. Qur’an, Prophet Muhammad (Pubh) and eventually Allah. May Allah Bless us all! May Allah Guide us all!

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