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A simple guide by The Lonely Planet.

Scenario 1 : Two guys are fighting & a third guy comes along, sees them and walks on..🚶
That’s MUMBAI..😒

Scenario 2 : Two guys are fighting & a third guy comes along and tries to make peace.. The first two get together and beat him up..🔨
That’s DELHI.

Scenario 3 : Two guys fighting and third guy comes from a nearby house and says “don’t fight in front of my place, go somewhere else.” 🏠
That’s BANGALORE.. 😉

Scenario 4 : Two guys fighting third guy comes along with a carton of beer.. All sit together drink beer and abuse each other and go home as friends..😜
You are definitely in GOA…🏊🏄

Scenario 5 : Two guys are fighting. Both of them take time out & call their friends on their mobiles.. 📲 Now 50 guys are fighting..
You are in PUNJAB.:twisted:

Scenario 6 : Two guys fighting. Third guy comes and shoots both of them.. 🔫💣
You are in BIHAR..

Scenario 7 : Two guys fighting. First guy started beating the second guy, the Third guy comes and joins with first guy and beats second guy without knowing anything.. :o😵
You are right it’s TAMILNADU

Last Scenario: Two guys are fighting. A crowd gathers to watch.. A guy comes along and quietly opens a tea stall there ☕
That’s KERALA.😂…..


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