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tes walk
     daily And while you walk,
     Smile.✔
🔹Don’t over do.
Keep you limits.✔

🔹Don’t take yourself so
seriously. No one else does.✔

🔹Don’t waste your precious
      energy on gossip.✔

🔹Dream more while you
are  awake.✔

🔹Envy is a waste of time. You
     already have all you need.✔

🔹Forget issues of the past.
     Don’t remind your partner with
     his/her mistakes of the past.
     That will ruin your present

🔹Life is too short to waste time
      hating anyone. Don’t hate

🔹Make peace with your past so
     it won’t spoil the present.✔

🔹No one is in charge of your
      happiness except you.✔

🔹Smile and Laugh More.✔

🔹You don’t have to win every
   argument,Agree to disagree.✔

🔹Call your family often.✔

🔹Each day give something good
      to others.✔

🔹Forgive everyone for

🔹Spend time with people over
      the age of 70 & under the age of 6.✔

🔹Try to make at least three
      people smile each day.✔

🔹What other people think of you
      is none of your business.✔

🔹Do the right thing!✔

🔹GOD heals everything.✔

🔹However good or bad a
      situation is, it will  change.✔

🔹No matter how you feel,
    Get up, Dress up and Show up.
    The best is yet to come.✔

🔹When awake in the morning
      Thank GOD for it.✔

🔹Your Inner most is always
      happy. So, be Happy. ✔

            Please Forward
                   This To
       Whom You Care


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