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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, السل

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

‘Indian Muslims will live, die for nation’

PM sends out strong message to terror outfits

Article published in Deccan Herald Newspaper September 20, 2014 Bangalore edition.

Weeks after alQaeda announced that it was planning a local outfit in India to carry out jihad, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the terrorist organisation will struggle to employ Indian Muslims who will “live and die” for the country instead of “dancing to their tune”.

Modi reposing confidence in the country’s Muslims is seen by the BJP as an attempt to send a strong global message that India is not a hunting ground for the fundamentalists like the Islamic State which is trying to recruit youths from different countries.

Incidentally, four Mumbaibased Muslim youths have escaped the country to participate in the global jihad.

“Indian Muslims will live for India, they will die for India they will not want anything bad for India,” Modi said in a rare interview with the CNN which will be aired on Sunday.

Modi, who has so far not given an interview to the media since becoming the prime minister, emphasised that “If anyone thinks Indian Muslims will dance to their tune, they are delusional,” when his response was sought on an al-Qaeda video threatening to take revenge over the alleged suppression of Muslims in the country.

The international media house also wanted to know from the prime minister, who will be travelling to the US next week, the reason for hardly anyone or very few of the 170 million Muslims in the country joining the al-Qaeda.

Modi was initially reluctant to answer this query saying that he was not an authority on religious and psychological analysis but he eventually argued that it was a fight between “humanity and inhumanity” and not an issue about one community or country.

“But the question is whether or not humanity should be defended in the world. Whether or not believers in humanity should unite. This is a crisis against humanity, not a crisis against one country or one race. So we have to frame this as a fight between humanity and inhumanity, nothing else,” he said.

BJP spokesperson and senior journalist M J Akbar said: “This is a powerful affirmation of his conviction on Muslims’ patriotism and it will send a strong international message that whatever Muslims do abroad, Indian Muslims are not up for it.”

DH News Service

في امان الله

Your brother in Islam,
A Shabbir Ahmed


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